hourglassbyRiebartWhen I recently sat back and analyzed some of my own “author’s behavior,” it gave me…ummm… a bit of a chuckle. I had been crying, literally, with a pile of tissues, over the fate of a character I had created in my mind.

In the course of constructing novels, the plot often demands the death of some players, both good and bad. I was honestly amazed to find out how emotionally attached I had become to this particular character, a how horrible of a person I considered myself for contemplating his death.

True, he was entirely fictional. I made him up in my mind, brought him to “life” through words, then orchestrated his ultimate death. I felt evil. I felt bereft. I felt… crazy? Yes, that most of all!

And admittedly, it is a bit funny. I scratched my head and laughed a little. Then I called my mother for…

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