Old Timer Chronicle I



GUN 2013

Chapter 22


At the end of the event, I know what I saw & what I didn’t see inside the burning saloon.  A large wooden eagle & Wayne Peeintheair were in there.  Then they weren’t.  And that’s all I saw.  The rest is smoke & flames.

If the colorfully painted sculpture of the Bald Eagle, 8 to 10-feet tall, transformationed some how into a live entity via a mysterious divine magic ~ if this holy bird picked up Peeintheair in her mighty talons & escaped out the partially burned-away dome in the ceiling of the flaming Bird Cage Saloon ~ if this actually occurred ~ it buffaloes me as much as it buffaloes anybody else.

You, kind & gentle reader, can believe it or not.  It doesn’t matter.  But I know what I saw.  And I know what I believe.

“The son-of-a-gun got carried away by…

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