Björn Rudbergs writings

He was prying carefully, with utmost care, excavating digging and somtimes succombed to curiosity. Deeper, deeper into the glutinous substance of the memory-circuits he dived. There maybe he could have found the crack in the space-time continuum that could take him to Andromeda and further on.

He’s was left alone on this blue-green planet, where harmful liquids and noxious gases threatened to destroy his organs adopted for sulphur essential for survival. He lamented the tribulation as he opened the last vitriol vial and took a deep swag. Thus revived he was searching ever deeper in his mind for the key that lingered somewhere.

He was focused, and pushed away the irksome thought of why he was imprisoned, and left here to slowly die in misery. Once revived and safe he could focus on a gruesome revenge.

Then finally he found a dovetail shrine where he knew the key was hidden…

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