No Harm

Sometimes we mistake asking for help as a weakness, but it takes great strength to know that we cannot overcome our battles alone.

Whether you choose to call your higher power “God,” “Jesus,” “Buddah,” “the universe,” or “the Light” – it’s important for anyone on a spiritual path to establish a relationship with the Creator, and find ways to strengthen that bond each day.

“The Story of Blind Men & an Elephant”

elephantThe town folk were in a great debate about religion. The Catholics, the Baptist, the Buddhist, the Muslims and all branches of religion were arguing over which religion was right and which religion was wrong.  Till it was mentioned that perhaps they should all go to the Zen Master and ask him his opinion, so they all agreed and they all marched up to where the Zen Master lived.

The town folk ask the Zen Master,’ which religion is the true…

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