Local Heart, Global Soul

Welcome to my retrospective posts about our Summer adventures.

It’s August 2012 and we’ve just bundled our rather jet-lagged friend  “Velvetinenut”  into our rented van and whisked her to over the border to Belgium… after an hour or two dozing in the back with pillows she’s refreshed and rearing to go and since we made an early start kids everyone is now whineing  expressing wishes for food.

We turn off the motorway and take a few smaller roads but apparently not much is open in Belgium villages on a hot sleepy August morning.

We enjoy the scenery and several villages later find ourselves in the slightly larger town of Lochristi.

In deep contrast to the small villages around it, Lochristi  is a hive of activity and the main reason is soon apparent as we progress down the main street to find market stalls set up on the footpaths.

Himself drops us…

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