Bessie and her crew were doing what they always do this time of day.  Perched on a long fallen tree limb in a nameless place, surrounded by people of all shapes and sizes staring at them, she thought about how mundane her life had become.  It was almost too painful to think about and she tried to push it out of her mind.  But, the thought kept returning and so she finally gave in to it.  She had such lofty dreams as a gosling.  Suffice to say, sitting on a log was not one of them.   Often she thought of just flying off alone, finding an exotic place and living the independent life.  But, no, she knew her body wouldn’t allow it.  She was a goose and she couldn’t go against her hard wired instinct.   I’ll never change, she thought.  And with that she threw herself in the lake, only…

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