SOCIAL BRIDGE ~ Jean Tubridy connecting with you from Ireland

I am often baffled by people’s courage and bravery and  my mother’s fortitude in coping with very significant physical problems in the five years before her death is a typical example. Just a few months before she died, I wrote a poem about her and the last three lines were as follows:

You’ve kept some dreams and memories locked away

Inside your heart; the key to your courage

And optimism; the seed beneath the clay.

A few months after she died I came across a composition on Bravery  that she had written, at the tender age of 13, in 1934.  It was like a key that shed light on her courage that I had admired so much. This is what she wrote in her still childish writing:


Bravery is not merely a great gift, as many people imagine. One of the greatest forms of bravery is conquering fear. To set…

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