Kate Murray

Stranger in a Strange Land

The coach picked us up outside the hall, and I was transported back to my childhood; soggy sandwiches and warm orange drinks. Then I was back and we were filing into the coach. It was 9 am and we were to be on the road for six hours or more. The place we were going?

??????????Stonehenge, but not as a tourist, as a student.

“What’s the difference?” you ask.

Well you are given access inside the circle, in fact you are given uninhibited access of the stones. There is a guide with you and you have to wait until the other tourists have gone, but wandering around Stonehenge in the twilight is something amazing.

The feeling hits you in the solar plexus.

Although there is a road nearby, the land is flat and at the time of day I was aware of just how open…

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