Local Heart, Global Soul

We bought Nintendo’s for our kids because it was less painful to fork out cash for computer gadgets than it was to spend hours and hours and hours of car journey’s refereeing kid squabbles,  …or listening to endless whining that they were bored.

If  they try the “I’m bored” trick at home my instant reaction is to find them a household task to do…  …after which their boredom is usually miraculously cured but they have worked out my “cure” doesn’t work  in a car on a motorway.

We tried every paper game possible, we tried “I Spy” (but that starts wars in the back seat too because  Little Mr. cheats bends the rules substantially by “spying”  something unusual he saw 15 kms earlier leaving everyone guessing in vain)

This final set of posts on Zeeland is all about the things they would see if they could be bothered to tear…

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