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We live in amazing times.  Did you know that man has flown in space?  I don’t mean NASA, backed by a government and billions in taxpayer dollars.  I mean men, building their own spaceship without a dime of public money.  It seems incredible, but many Americans aren’t aware that legendary aircraft designer Burt Rutan of Scaled Composites, operating out of a hanger at Mojave Airport, built SpaceshipOne, a three-passenger rocket that won the ten million dollar Ansari X Prize for a piloted, reusable spaceship capable of two successive sub-orbital flights within two weeks using 80% of the same components.


Rutan’s designs were, as most of his work, unconventional and brilliant.  He built SpaceshipOne to be carried to altitude by a twin turbojet powered, carbon composite mother ship–White Knight–and dropped.  Once free of the White Knight, SpaceshipOne fired its rocket engine and climbed rapidly into space, remaining there only…

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