Butler|Philbrick|Gordillo & Associates is out with a great new post “Triumph of the Ostriches” discussing the market’s current level of overvaluation. Here is the summary of Butler|Philbrick|Gordillo’s forecasts:

Table 1. Statistical Return Forecasts for U.S. Stocks Over Relevant Investment Horizons

Source: Shiller (2013), (2013), Chris Turner (2013), World Exchange Forum (2013), Federal Reserve (2013), Butler|Philbrick|Gordillo & Associates (2013)

Butler|Philbrick|Gordillo comment:

We have yet to see any evidence-based argument for why the valuation based analysis presented above is not relevant. What do we mean by ‘evidence based’? Show us numbers to support an alternative hypothesis, and then show me how those numbers have served to forecast returns in other periods with statistical significance.

Other memes relate to the idea of a ‘permanently high plateau’ (incidentally, the great 20th century economist Irving Fisher coined that phrase in 1929, just three days before the crash that preceded the Great Depression).

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