I tuned into a new show on Al-Jazeera called Head to head with Mehdi Hasan and goodness gracious, the person he was interviewing was the atrocious Irshad Manji herself, an Atheist, lesbian passing herself off as an Islamic reformer. Though she had some very real criticisms concerning the Muslim world (how south east Asian cultures treat their women etc) I was frankly appalled at her ignorance of Islamic teachings and witless ranting. We blindly follow our Imams she says again and again, everyone should have a right to talk about Islam, not just the evil Mullah.
Perhaps the following story from Gems and Jewels will shed light on Islam’s view of the Clergy.

Once a scholar of Islamic Law back in the day, Bakr Al-Muzani, saw a a common working man carrying goods with him while constantly saying, “Alhumdulillah (all praise is for God),” and “Astagfirullah (I seek forgiveness from…

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