One out of four parents of children under the age of ten admit to posting naked or half-naked pictures of their children on the internet. “By posting such photos on the net we often lose control over them,” warns Łukasz Wojtasik from the Nobody’s Children Foundation (Fundacja Dzieci Niczyje). Pictures of children having their first bath or playing on the beach during the summer holidays often find their way onto Facebook or another popular (Polish) social networking site Nasza Klasa. Every day the internet is flooded with photos carelessly posted by parents who usually do not think about who may see them or what will happen to them later. “Think Before You Post” (Pomyśl, zanim wrzucisz) is a new campaign started by the Nobody’s Children Foundation which aims to draw people’s attention to the problem of the thoughtless posting of children’s pictures by their parents on the internet and the…

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