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A video in which members of the European Golf Tour seek to emulate the idiosyncratic style of Happy Gilmore.
Other included hijinks suggest the movie is a firm favourite among members of the professional golf fraternity.

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Just A Closer Walk With Thee

It is the single ladies in the church who do most of the ‘heavy lifting’ emotionally. (Some of the married ones do too, but mainly the singles.)

This lets the guys off the hook.

What do I mean? Well, it is the single women who are just…. there for you! They are the ones who text you last thing at night to make sure you are okay when you are going through a tough time or feeling vulnerable etc. They are the ones who cook the pastor a meal when there’s a crisis. They are the ones who comment and offer support and prayers on the church’s (private) Facebook page.They are the amazing ones!

It may be that the blokes support each other in this way too. They bond through football and other man stuff and attend the Men’s Breakfast. And there are some fabulous men in the…

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The New York Times –  Cory Monteith, Star of Hit Show ‘Glee,’ Is Dead at 31

What can you say at a time like this? The Glambert universe’s collective spirits were flying high from the news that Adam would be joining the cast this fall, only to have our hearts plummet at the news Sunday morning about the untimely death of one of the show’s lead actors, Cory Monteith. Our sincere condolences to Cory’s family, friends, the Glee family and his legions of fans whose hearts are breaking.




Queen and Adam Lambert in iHeart Music Festival Line-up?

Someone posted this on the Ticketmaster site. Rumor has it that official announcement is Monday…







Lee Cherry posted on Instagram:

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Stunted Adults

When it comes to the Real World Road Rules Challenge (“The Challenge“), I just can’t get enough.

I know that this is completely ridiculous.  The show is horrible.  The people on the show are horrible.  And, those horrible people do horrible things to each other while being on this horrible show.

Yet, I am completely compelled to watch them.  I have watched all 24 (?!) seasons.  Every single episode.  I have been a party to every last moment of idiocy, and I’ve loved it all.

Last week, I saw the promos for The Challenge: Rivals II and I was beside myself with excitement.  My crazy friends were back!  I counted down the minutes until the show aired and watched it live.

I don’t know what is wrong with me.

I was able to leave the Real World and Road Rules (RIP) long behind.  Once I hit my late…

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David R. Jolly

Today’s post comes courtesy of one of our Guest Bloggers; Tonnisha English….

hip hop2Music is a powerful tool that has a way of moving people to do nearly anything. From starting a revolution, to giving good vibes at a family barbeque; music has a way of bringing people together for some reason or another.

I am huge fan of many genres of music from screamo to alternative and even the occasional country song. My favorite genre of music however, is definitely hip-hop. Often the genre of “hip-hop” is misunderstood, in my opinion, by foolery that is glorified in popular culture. Hip-hop artist and rappers are two different groups of people that somehow ended up being in the same category. Despite popular belief, they are not similar at all.

A Rapper makes club hits. The songs that make people want to dance because they tend to have a fast beat with…

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