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Public radio has its merits.  As an example, it’s one of very few options one can tune into for long periods of time without being subjected to lethal doses of what is oft described, with a disturbing lack of irony, as “the best new music.”*

*To further clarify what constitutes a lethal dose, I submit the following: Individuals of average cognitive ability (average, in this instance, meaning beyond the age of sixteen and at a point in life where one no longer buttresses their every utterances with “like” and “so”) can withstand about four doses of the Dave Matthews Band per day, two doses of the entire R&B genre per week, and seven seconds of any songstress who could conceivably be confused with Britney Spears over the course of a decade.

But to return to public radio, which ostensibly offers an escape from the above horrors, this freedom from sonic…

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