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In April 2013 Killer Mike and El-P formed a duo known as: Run The Jewels. “36” Chain” is my personal favorite song on the group’s great self-titled album. The album Run The Jewels was released June 26th, 2013 for free digitally. The rapping skills the exist between these two artists separately is unquestioned. But together they are even more powerful. They both very aggressive on the mic, they are socially consciousness, but what is really appealing they are really creative and are never afraid to step outside of the box. The political awareness and the intellect that both El-P and Killer Mike use in the raps separates them from most rappers in today’s hip-hop scene.

“36” Chain” was truly one of the standout songs from the the Run The Jewels album because it gave me everything I love about both artists as they go back-and-forth aggressively–almost like they are competing–while adding…

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