On Saturday I spent the day in Barry Island with some family and friends. I was on the beach, in the sea, eating and eating lots, taking a walk up to the cliff and just having fun!

lmg-pic-0662So this was like a metal structure, that you light a fire in the middle of. It was right by the beach and I think it would look pretty cool at night.


This was a ride at the little theme park kinda thing they had there. I didn’t go on it as it wasn’t open for that day but I went on plenty of others 🙂

lmg-pic-0639_e1So this just looked kinda cool to me.

lmg-pic-0643We left the beach and walked up some steps that led to a cliff.

lmg-pic-0644So this was taken once we got onto the cliff and if you look to the left you can see the people on the beach…

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