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Of the large volume of unpublished fiction I regularly see, the least original work most often comes from beginners who baulk at reading (or so it would seem from their unfamiliarity with the conventions of, like, basic grammar). I believe that if my friend (let’s call him ‘A’; and OK, research has shown that men read less fiction than women) were to read more, he’d discover a diverse range of approaches from which he could borrow to refine his own. Of course, highly accomplished writers, too, can lack originality, but that’s a matter of temperament, as distinct from a default setting.

My all-time favourite fiction exists thanks to authors who read widely (or did when alive); both classics and the cutting-edge work of peers have moved and inspired them, and they’ve tended to improve with age, retaining flexible minds. My own work was slow to develop until I began to…

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