My strange movie addiction

2_Cinema_Seating‘I love movies’ is an understatement. I adore them with every fiber within in my body. As a quote from an old advertising campaign for Odeon Cinema in England once stated: ‘There is nothing quite like the big screen experience.’ Well Odeon, I couldn’t agree more. Sitting in the dark, in a plush red chair, munching on popcorn is my definition of heaven.

To answer the question that might come to mind: ‘Yes, I do have a normal social life. I dress normally and I don’t spend every waking minute of my free time in the cinema. I am NOT that person – which almost every cinema has – who sits all alone on the front row, dressed in a long and dodgy looking coat, smelling like sweat and cat urine. Although, I must say, I do like cats.’

I just really enjoy movies. So I visit the cinema a…

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