Goodwin Does the Movies While Lewis Watches



           The post-apocalyptic film Oblivion boasts an action-packed, effects-filled, macho Tom Cruise film but leaves you feeling confused and frustrated. While the film is full of neat science fiction technology and exceptional imagery of Earth’s new landscapes, it fails to bring originality to its characters and leaves a lot of complicated questions unanswered.

           The film begins in the year 2077 after Earth has been thoroughly damaged by a nuclear battle against aliens attempting to steal earth’s resources. After the war, the rest of civilization has fled to live in a spaceship called Tet while we truck along with the last two remaining people on Earth, Jack Harper (Tom Cruise), and his assigned partner Victoria (Andrea Riseborough). In order to kill the remaining aliens roaming the planet, the humans have created a series of drones to search the planet and destroy any they come across.  It is Jack’s duty to…

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