After the start-up


As a 80’s born person, there are certain things I have seen first-hand. I may not remember all of them as vividly as my older friends do, but I certainly have a fair recollection of the events that transpired. I remember assassination of Rajeev Gandhi. I was with my grandmother, trying to get her to buy me flavored milk. I sipped on happily on the chocolate milk as my grandmother cried herself out in the market yard. There was no one in the market that day, maybe because it was an early morning, or maybe because people were in fact really saddened by the loss. Later on, that brand of flavored milk closed down, and I started having tea with my parents. The reason for this little anecdote is that I find myself strangely stuck in the same mindset, perhaps this is a result of being overexposed to too many…

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