I was disappointed when I heard the news that Sacha Baron Cohen had pulled out of the Freddie Mercury biopic.

Citing differences between himself,  the producers and the remaining members of Queen, Cohen has ruled himself out of portraying the legendary front man in a role that would have surely seen him elevated to ‘serious actor’ status, leaving Borat and the like behind – if only for a while.

Apparently Cohen was after a more salacious (and no doubt more accurate) portrayal of Mercury’s life, compared with a toned-down, sanitised take on events that the other parties are seeking.

It’s a shame, because I can’t imagine a better person to play Freddie – Cohen is hairy, he’s flamboyant, he’s outrageous – qualities we all knew and loved Freddie for. But then perhaps if Freddie was still around, he wouldn’t want the outlandish stories lampooned for entertainment and mass consumption.


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