Hello Empty Room - by Ymmit

Luke Howard-Sun Cloud

A great deal of music journalists get into this cesspit of a capsizing industry with originally a hugely benevolent and simple intent: to share music they love, in the hope that others will share this enjoyment. It can be easy to forget this sometimes.

Upon hearing the work of Luke Howard one sun-kissed morning, this is the overwhelming urge that overcame me. My fingers itched to dance across the keyboard sending links to the ones I knew would appreciate it, whilst typing-out a gushing nonsensical stream-of-consciousness of how I was listening to it, and what I was doing at the very moment ‘it’ hit me. If you must know I was in my 1st floor flat looking out across the long-shadows of the high street I live on in the early morning, observing the cafe worker who was opening up shop. Going through the motions, starting the day, the ritualised…

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