Red Fang, is there a funner band around? Well, no, obviously. They of great beards and wonderful videos have a mean line in beard rock, thrust sludge, boner metal, whatever. Whilst they’ve only spewed the two albums so far, there’s more than enough to love. Here’s my Thive.

5: ‘Sharks’
How many songs have I tried to write like this? Oh, I lose count. Fast paced as all fun, a lovely pounder of a riff, warbled vocals mixed with fun as hell, and an outro that will never fail to make me chuckle.

4: ‘Good to Die’
I dread to think how many times I am going to type the word ‘fun’ whilst doing this. Still, there is no other word that sums up the drums at the beginning of this song. Every time I hear this song it is compounded with joy, which is strange for a song with…

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