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I mentioned this in my previews, but there’s no spoiler in saying that A Death In The Family is about the death of a young father. That’s the premise of the entire novel.

I’ll cover the novel itself in a lot of detail in the next couple of weeks, because this one really hits home—in more ways than one. But to start off my posts on A Death In The Family, I want to highlight the novel’s foreword, which is written by Steve Earle.

When I first noticed that Steve Earle wrote the foreword, I did a double take. It’s a strange association. Earle’s a famous folk singer with a famous folk singer son, Justin Townes Earl. And if you’ve watched The Wire, you’ll remember Steve Earle played Walon, who was Bubbles’ friend during rehab.

I can’t say I expected to see Steve Earle write the foreword for…

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