Conduit Street

On July 24, Garrett County Commissioners and Maryland’s Department of Natural Resources made an agreement to work together to create a “Deep Creek Lake Watershed Management Plan that will guide environmental and economic decisions at the popular recreation spot.”

From the Cumberland Times-News,

“The plan should address the quality of Deep Creek Lake’s environment and its use for swimming, fishing, boating, scenic viewing and other recreational activities,” the county commissioners stated in a press release issued earlier in the day.
The state agency will pick up 60 percent of a $50,000 contract for a consultant who will structure the planning process. The Hughes Center for Agro-Ecology at the University of Maryland will choose the consultant.
The planning process is to be completed by Oct. 31, 2014.
A steering committee of seven to nine will represent state and local governments, agriculture, forestry, residents, businesses, recreation and power generation. Those members…

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