Caterpillar to Butterfly

Life is full of beauty. Notice the humming birds chirping noise in a beautiful silent morning.

Smile of a child, feeling the soothing sun and soft touch of wind.

Petrichor (scent) of the soil or sand after the first shower of nature.

Smell of the rain drops.

The touch of every drop when it falls on our face. Try to feel it with your finger tips or let it fall on your eyelids.

I think  it can prove to be one of the best stress releaser ever.

And the most mesmerizing moment is when you walk onto the sacred soil or sand and it cuddles your feet in its soft silky cushion.

It falls on the plants, flowers and the earth making all these wonders of life giving us at least joy for some moment. The sweet smell of earth feels like bliss.….. 

Rain is lovely, and I…

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