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Taylor Cash


From Taylor Cash

Taylor Cash – Spend the night (Prod. J.D Beatz)

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The most memorable, relevant, and star of  the Bad Girls Club series Mrs. Natalie Nunn ( I Run LA) has a new book in stores titled Turn Down for What. The book chronicles the life of the California beauty from childhood up until she became the reality diva that she is today and gives us insight in the her world being the socialite that she is. I myself just purchased the book and have not read it as of yet but I am a fan and can’t wait to get back to you guys and tell you how I feel about the book. If you haven’t picked the book up already click on the link below to purchase it and read it with us so we can discuss it at a later date. In the mean time would like to send a big congrats to our girl Natalie.


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Music Junkie Press


Melodic punk rock band, Moovalya from Phoenix, Arizona announces their Summer Exposure Tour set to start August 17th. Moovalya has been delivering solid punk rock music on the Phoenix scene since 2009. This three piece band shows you how much they love to perform as they played as many shows as they could. With that, they brought their energy to the stage and leave everyone wanting to see them again and again.

Moovalya has Benjamin Jones  on Guitar/Vocals, Sean Stroud on Bass/Vocals and Mitch Hosier on Drums. Their sound is a blend of alternative, punk, and rock and there is no denying that their sound is contagious. Take a look at their video for their song, To The Throne which I love:


So if you are out here on the West Coast, make sure to check the listing for the upcoming shows and come out and enjoy some solid refreshing punk/alternative rock. We…

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Thoughts of a Scottish Gamer

It may seem odd that I incorporated Gaming into the name of this blog as it could possibly be overlooked in my life as “just another hobby”. Well, the fact is that Gaming is not just a hobby to me, it’s THE hobby.

I have a lot of interests but most are fleeting and unfocused. One day I will be obsessed with watching Westerns and the next I’ll be obsessively reading about Japanese culture. However, gaming has been a constant in my life. It is difficult for me to remember a time when I was not interested in it. I did not begin Gaming because of pressure from my friends, my parents or TV. I began Gaming simply because I had a Playstation 2 put in front of me as a child and I experienced a pure enjoyment from it that has continued to this day. I feel the same…

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Leila World Blog


How impressive and magnificent is this custom made cake tower. Freaking incredible. Some serious skill used here folks. Wow!

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By Che Ereku

LHHAnd just when you thought there was no light at the end of the Atlanta tunnel…the Love & Hip Hop Season 2: Atlanta finale finally aired tonight at 8pm on VH1.

For the record, HC readers, please do not get the wrong idea. I absolutely LOVED this season of Love & Hip Hop! The cast and definitely Mona Scott-Young gave me my Monday night “fix” of drama that I needed in order to snap back into reality and realize that my life is pretty TERRIFIC and drama-free! But, I really want to see the reunion special because I know it is going to be the best one yet! So here is my interpretation of my favorite highlights of the GAGA…

Let’s start with the main drama, Kirk and Rasheeda. OMGosh, I am so happy that Rasheeda is moving forward with the separation, well at least that’s…

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