The Voice

Garden Stage

It was hard to know what to expect from Nozstock this year, but the character and charm of the festival meant it exceeded all expectations – even with the weather!

Upon arrival we were actually greeted by a rather warm ray of sunshine as campers settled down amongst the fields, leaving enough space to pave the way for a walkway to the entrance. Ushi Baba met us from the Orchard Stage as we took the first steps into a finely presented festival layout. With plentiful bars and shacks offering food, there wasn’t much that hadn’t been catered for. Add on top the many market and craft stools and you have yourself a pleasant array of places to visit aside from the music.

However, it was Ushti Baba – the Bristol based Balkan and Celtic band that got our initial attention. Their up-beat sound was a perfect introduction to the festival…

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