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If you have aspirations to appear on TV, but not on Parking Wars as you get the boot, here’s some good news from NBC: They need extras for Chicago Fire!

First, you MUST have a car to be considered for this gig! They need you to drive past an accident in Waukegan. This will all go down the second week of August. Are you and your car available?

Send your picture. Actually, send two. Producers need one of you and one of your car. But, be forewarned…they’re kinda picky! They don’t want any red, white or black cars.

Rest assured…pickiness pays! You’ll get $80 for an 8 hour day. If the shoot goes long, you get time and a half o/t. Tack on $30 for your car and $10 for gas. That’s not bad when you consider this whole deal includes bragging rights.  You know, that’s for when you…

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