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Are the teen girls ready to be a hero? Defend them self’s and Lakeview in Magic Wars Series

Miki can sense evil, use electrical current lightening, she ready to save everyone?


CJ power is Wind, her life is about to change forever.  


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PotSoup for the Soul

Man of Steel

Superman is a product of the 1930’s, 1933 to be precise before the very idea was sold to DC comics. He is not and has never been a great favorite of mine. An alien who is for all purposes mostly human capable of incredible strength, durability and power seems too super for a hero. But then he goes and saves very often one of the dumbest women in the Comic’s world showing that perhaps not all of his muscles are super.

I was hoping that Man of Steel, the movie would change my view about this herculean wearer of red underpants. The story of the movie is not very different from the base of all Superman fiction. There is the alien kid who is shipped off by his parents to Earth, he is adopted a kind, pure bred American, childless couple. He at the onset of his adulthood discovers his…

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93.9 WKYS


From The Sound Live

The drama surrounding Coco, Ice T and Coco’s alleged sidepiece AP 9, has died down and the vixen is certainly missing the attention. Yesterday, the reality and wife of hip hop legend Ice T, Coco Austin was a guest on the Fox daytime show The Real. The conversation took a turn for the best and led to her showing off her cakes in a twerk session. 

The Huffington Post reports:

Coco Austin had just about enough of those butt implant rumors and she’s here to tell you — her famous derriere is 100% real. Ice T’s voluptuous lady went on “The Real” this week to disprove the pesky rumors for the umpteenth time, and had all the show’s hosts touch her rear to see just how real it feels. Coco then proceeded to twerk and teach Adrienne, Jeannie, Loni, Tamar and Tamera how it’s done…

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