A Really Full Life

Go see this film. It’s heart-warming and thought provoking.
Duncan, Liam James, is the engaging 14 year old who anchors the other characters to the story line. He’s more grown up than the adults in his life.
Steve Carell, who has played a caring yet distressed parent in ‘Dan in Real Life’ and ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love’, gives a superb performance as Trent, the jerk dating Duncan’s Mom.
Toni Colette is Pam, Duncan’s vulnerable and compromising Mom, whose hope blinds her to the truth that’s staring her in the face. That truth also brings her into conflict with Duncan who can’t stand Trent and resents his treatment of Pam.
The cast is perfection with Allison Janney as Betty the ditsy neighbor who is never without a drink in her hands or a problem with one of her kids.
Amanda Peet plays the seductive Joan who sees something…

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