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Leeds 2013

Gonzo Compo

A collection of low-res photographs taken at last year’s Notting Hill Carnival, on the Monday of August 2012 Bank Holiday Weekend. Enjoy!

All photographs available in various sizes, frames & mounts. Email for details.

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City Mouse, Island Mouse

Heavy Metal Buffet / City Mouse Island Mouse

Last night Island Mouse became Metal Mouse, as my siblings brought the Heavy Metal Buffet to Mareel. It was an awesome night! I did my bit by helping to flog lots and lots of tshirts on the merch stall and, being in the know at Mareel (my other job), by finding all sorts of useful things very quickly.

Heavy Metal Buffet / City Mouse Island Mouse

I was super proud of Dirk and Marjolein, plus the two Jamies, Dave, Chloe, Joe and all the volunteers. The whole night went off without a hitch and instead with a really great atmosphere and loads of music fans of all ages and genres. The emphasis was on enjoying some great live music in a local venue and not on getting so rat-arsed you couldn’t stand anymore.  Everyone really supported this ethos and just got on with making the most of a mini-festival.

Here are some of my highlights:

Hoygir – best…

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Notable Inklings

We Are All Cut From the Same Cloth

Geographical regions and climate have played a major part in creating the diversity of cultural traditions in all the nations of the world.  When it comes to most basic human rituals however, the similarities are universal.  For one thing most of us work diligently to improve our circumstances and those of our children but we also reserve a small portion of our time for fun. Of course, there is a small affluent, privileged segment of humanity that does not need to fully participate with us in these forays into the realms of the gods. For them it can be attained anytime on demand. They are the leaders, the shapers and the helmsmen of our society. But we are not here to mention them; it is the ordinary folk that warrant our attention here; and the hard working majority does need its well…

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Miraculous in the Mundane

Mumbai is a busy city. However amongst the 365 chaotic days; there are 2 days which bring me a kind of calmness and tranquillity that remains unparalleled. This is the time when we are ready to welcome the most favorite guest of Mumbai. Our very own – Ganpati Bappa.

Ganesh Chaturthi has always been a special festival for me as it coincides with my birthday and it has some magical memories of my childhood associated with it.

The arrival of this festival is always preceded by the pandals coming up in nearby areas, the attractive lighting illuminating the city’s expanses, the view of the small temporary shops lined with vibrant Ganesh Murti’s (idols). Whether you are super late while getting to your office or completely exhausted on your way back or bored carrying all the shopping bags on the weekend; one peep in the make-shift shop and a look at…

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