Words by Tim Wong


The second 86FEST, boasting the title of “North America’s Largest 86 Gathering,” took place at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana. Since the dawn of the new “86” car, the FRS/BRZ, they have become insanely popular amongst the car enthusiasts. Especially, the younger crowds when they are buying the first cars as these are affordable and the amount of aftermarket support is consistently growing. Even though I was mostly there to see the AE86s rather than the GT86s, the amount of GT86s completely overshadowed the AE86 crowd. For the sake of simplicity, I’m going to call FRS/BRZs as GT86s.


It was definitely a hot day with the sun bearing down. I arrived early in the venue got too crowded like the last Speed and Stance meet as there was 86FEST, Speed Ventures, and the Speed and Stance “pre-meet” all taking place that day. I did have an…

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