WHoaa..sorry guys. I’ve been so, so bad at posting. I actually forgot it was Monday today. I even wrote that it was Thursday at work, and just the other day I not only got the date wrong, but I wrote that it was October. My brain is such a scramble lately. Please forgive me for being so absent on the web! Life is pretty chaotic right now, and I feel that August is going to be pretty nutty in general!!

But, I made it here…and not a moment too late! Today’s feature is a wonderful French artist who creates awesome illustrations and collages! I always admire a good collage, and the creativity it takes to be able to bring made things (like magazine images) together with hand made things to make a compelling image! Please visit Mathilde’s WEBSITE and see her wonderful work!!

maubiermaubier1maubier2maubier3maubier4maubier5I actually DO have drawings to…

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