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Photographs by Timothy S. Allen

Running Red

Taken at a nearby festival. This was one of many steam engines that were at this festival. They popped, snorted and whirled.

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Photographs by Timothy S. Allen

Red Meat

Taken at a nearby festival. These big hunks of meat were barbecuing. An earlier photo uploaded my blog showed a person enjoying huge mouthfuls of cooked meat. He seemed to be enjoying it.

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Photographs by Timothy S. Allen

Green on Hand

Taken at a nearby festival. This is the hand of a wood carver. He carves small pieces of wood into bird wings. His hands indicate that he has been at this for quite sometime.

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Small Fish Big Pond


Selfs1* selfridges festival beauty box £25 *

It seems as though beauty boxes are a dime a dozen these days; while they vary in format slightly, I often find them quite repetitive and unimaginative. When it comes to the Selfridges offering however, I am always thoroughly impressed and the most reason Festival-themed box is no exception.

Full to the brim of high-quality, unique products, it has everything in it that you might want for a fun festival look. Now, I’m not a particularly regular attendant at festivals – the whole camping thing just really doesn’t float my boat, ya know? – but the amazing array of beauty bits and bobs in here make even me excited about the prospect of getting a bit creative with a bit of colour and glitter.

From the wash-out hair colour to the diamond-encrusted nail varnish, Cowshed to Eyeko, there are so many different products…

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M&J Blog

Not married? No problem. Stack up any and every type of ring that you own. Mixing metals, colors and hues have led to one of the chicest accessory trends of the season. If you are running low on rings, make one with our easy to follow ring DIY tutorial. Stacked Rings MJTRIMMING

Stacked Rings MJTRIMMING

Stacked Rings MJTRIMMING


Stacked Rings MJTRIMMING

Stacked Rings MJTRIMMING

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Words by Matt Willis

Last weekend, we were all in San Diego for the annual EAF event at Qualcomm Stadium. This is one of the bigger (and only) shows in our hometown, and each year we make it out to see what’s new in our local scene and catch up with the community. Following a successful evening/night show in Anaheim, EAF San Diego had a nice turnout, even early on. We didn’t have a lot of time to stay, so we combed through and took shots of anything that caught our attention…





Beautiful Evo IV build…





Lincoln Continental…








Nice Hako…




Loved all these classic Datsuns…


Jay’s S2000 was on display, a car that we’ve recently featured on the site






Fell in love with this DC5 ITR…





Aside from the show vehicles, EAF is famous for its stunt bike demos, car hop competition, and H/P driving events.









Chris’s NB…

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