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NIght views


Cincinnati is a beautiful city any time of day, but she shines the most at night.  Todd and I went down to Newport and Covington, Kentucky to shoot some cityscapes of the Queen City from just across the Ohio.

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M&J Blog

Want to do your own Blogger Challenge? 

Blogger Challenge Box PictureThese are the supplies we gave each of the bloggers that participated. 

8MM Foldover Elastic in Grey-Style No. 25068

Metal Clip in Matte Gold- Style No. 30438

Embroidery Thread

Flatback Rhinestones

1.5″ Double Face Satin Ribbon in Wild Berry- Style No. 44334

Rayon Weave Ribbon in Fuchsia/Multi-Style No. 58325

4MM Metallic Vinyl Braided Bolo in Gold- Style No. 48588

E-6000 Craft Mini Glue

Send us pictures of your own creations! #MJTRIMMING

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101 Books

I’ve never read A Passage To India. But, after reading the premise of the novel, it sounds like what you might get if you moved the plot of To Kill A Mockingbird to India.

An Englishwoman accuses a well-respected Indian doctor of assaulting her, and all hell breaks loose. The racial tension between the English, who have recently occupied India, and the Indian residents.

Sounds like an intriguing book.

Here are some quick facts about A Passage To India and E.M. Forster:

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Persephone Writes

Literarywives4For the last few months, I’ve been privileged to participate in the Literary Wives series,  a virtual book group, with some amazing women. We’ve read, reviewed, and discussed four books centering on wives within various types of marriages and time periods: American Wife, by Curtis Sittenfeld; The Paris Wife, by Patricia McClean; A Reliable Wife, by Robert Goolrick; and The Aviator’s Wife, by Melanie Benjamin. We’re wrapping up our discussion with a final post before the others go on to commence part 2 of the series.

The focus of the reading and reviews was to examine the role of the wife in these novels, both how she viewed and defined herself and was viewed and defined by others. In my opinion, the wives in these novels suffered due to a lack of acknowledgement of their personhood. In some cases, this was a personal choice: for…

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While we were out last night, I took a few snaps of ordinary night views.  For some reason, normal night scenes appeal to me.  In these shots, you’ll see some blur in the trees.  This is because it was a very windy night and when using long shutters, anything that moves is blurred.  It sometimes takes away from the photos, but other times it seems to add a bit of mystique to the setting.  What do you think?

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101 Books

Sixty books down. I’m nearly two-thirds finished with 101 Books.

After every ten books, I take a look back on the project as a whole and re-evaluate some of my favorite and least favorite aspects of the books. So that’s what today’s about.

Let’s take a look back at the first 60 novels. I’ll explain my rankings more in-depth in a post next week.

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M&J Blog

Carly J. Cais has been a DIY’er from the moment she strung macaroni on yarn to make necklaces at age 3. Completely self-taught, she produced a short-lived clothing and jewelry line, RIVETED, in 2007, and founded her DIY and fashion blog Chic Steals in 2008. She loves sharing ideas and how-to’s for making one’s own clothing, accessories, and jewelry on her blog, along with local fashion lines lookbooks, styling inspiration, and outfit photos.

Chic Steals Logo

I was thrilled to be able to take part in M&J Trimming’s latest DIY Challenge, this time using rich Fall purples and shimmery golds from their box overflowing with fun DIY supplies and trims. I had a blast playing with pretty ribbons, delicate thread, and chunky chains! With M&J Trimming’s latest trims and embellishments, it’s easy to add personalization to pieces to take you from late Summer into Fall. Here are the projects I’ve been working on:

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In Cincinnati, there’s a great spot for flower watching.  It’s down off Pete Rose Way, just on this side of that old suspension bridge.  It’s called “The Banks” and you must visit it with me.

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101 Books

Recently, I had a stretch of a couple of stressful days.

Nothing life-changing or devastating, but enough to keep my mind occupied for most of the day. I had problems focusing on my job.

Everything worked out okay. But, for a day or two, I was a ball of stress—and, as a result, my reading suffered.

In fact, I didn’t read at all for about two or three days. At first, I didn’t even notice because I was busy taking care of life things.

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