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Good Versus Evil

Brian Rush

unfoldI am not really a believer in simplistic moral categories, and yet for some reason in my fiction I always (or nearly always) seem to draw things down to a binary choice. At the same time, the choice itself isn’t simple and the possibility of moral confusion is always there.

It’s happening again in Refuge, my current work in progress. Another take is shaping up on the conflict between love and power, and between two alternate futures for the world. In one of those futures, genetic engineering is a right for all people, and everyone is (by today’s standards) superior in intelligence, free of preventable disease, happly, curious, and excited about life’s adventure. In the other, everything is done for the benefit of a privileged elite, and all non-members of this elite are so reduced in status that they can be chosen at will by the elite and subjected…

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Let’s take a quick break from the awesomeness that is Cincinnati and enjoy a few tennis shots from the Western & Southern Open in Mason, Ohio.  Each year, all the tennis stars come to these parts to swat it out. Todd and I spent a few hours last weekend enjoying a couple of qualifier rounds.

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Life can be difficult at times.  Life can be wonderful at times.  Most of us have grasped this concept.  Yet in the difficult times we seem to forget that good times are in the distance waiting for our arrival.  Perhaps the key is to face the world like our pet family members face it.  Let’s try to live in the moment and find joy in the small things.  Breath in the beautiful air.  Take a sip of refreshing water.  Take a swing on a local swing.  Simply enjoy the act of living.

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Persephone Writes

Julia repriseSome time ago I wrote a post about what Julia Child taught me about writing. This might be surprising for readers who don’t know Julia’s history, or the fact that she’d always wanted to write novels!

Julia’s long been a role model and mentor for me and in that post I wanted to call attention to the ways in which her skill in the kitchen translates and adapts to the writing life. (To find out how, click on the link above and read the post — the kitchen and the writer’s desk are not as far removed as you might think!) Julia truly had an artist’s heart —  not only was she a splendid chef, but she was a prolific writer and lived life with a contagious joie de vivre which in turn brought joy to others. Living was an art for her.

In addition to reprising my earlier post, I’m…

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My name is Prakky and I work from home.

This doesn’t suit everyone but I love it. I’m in my second year of being a sole consultant and one thing I enjoy most is having a home-based office. It’s exactly the lifestyle I’m after at this stage of my life, being independent, with my own working hours and available to my school age children where they need me.

I’m a member of a few solo operator networks online and I know one of the more popular topics of discussion is personal productivity and how to stay on track – in particular if you do work from home and there’s the constant temptation of the fridge/daytime TV/sunny garden. There may also be the urge to become a super multi-tasker and to clean out that fridge/put some washing on/sweep the floor. So I thought I’d share my own habits when…

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Let’s take a stroll down by the Ohio.  We can discover all the recent changes that the Queen City has completed.  Fun and interesting things await.

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101 Books

I’ve talked a good bit about opening lines on this blog (here, here, and here, for instance). I love the opening lines of novels so much that I even include them in all of my reviews.

To this point, my favorite opening line is from The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood.

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