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95 Days Before it gets Real

Again this Saturday I started my day with my tiny brained yet giant minded students. After being shocked at the number of ten year old that told me they are ‘in relationships’ they once again completely inspired me. We began by finding a certain motif that their character would do and that themselves would not normally do. With this, trying to transform a single element of the character into their personal bodies. After a short period of time each student had their motif and were beginning to create back stories for their characters. By the time they did the first rough run of the play, they were becoming fearless warriors entering and exiting the space with total control. It was the first time I have seen each individual student open themselves to the space and who they wanted to play and play with. I feel so lucky getting to work…

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Neo Film School Blog

Common Hour is a monthly program at Neo Film School which gives an opportunity for students to share information and ideas. It is been conducted first Tuesday of each month, unless there is any unavoidable inconvenience. For example, this month’s Common Hour was conducted on 13th because of the Karkidakavavu holiday on 6th. Even though students can meet the director or staff any time, this gives an opportunity for students to have an informal interaction with School Director. During the Common Hour, there are some items which is common each time. Tech Talks, Still Photography Contest, Discussion about Newly Released Movies, & Industry updates from Neos are common every month and usually there are some special programs take place.


This month’s Common Hour was a special one and it reached at a higher level with well coordination and execution by staff and students. The whole program was coordinated with theme…

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Kameron Rie Badgers

Daylight's EndGot the call yesterday around 6 p.m., just as I was about to go to my friend Devin’s house for a sleepover. Instead, I’m working on a zombie movie this weekend.  The movie is called Daylight’s End  and the director is William Kaufman (The Hit List, Prodigy, One in the Chamber).

I’m just an extra, but it should be fun. We’re filming in the old Dallas City Hall and police station — the place where Lee Harvey Oswald was shot back in 1963 after the Kennedy Assasination.  They’ve been filming for awhile, and several of my friends have been in it before, but I was out of town.

Dakota and Corey Buchanan were talking about it last night at Nancy Chartier’s acting class — they got an email asking them to work this weekend, too, and when I got home, I had one, too.  So it will be…

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Life As an LA Actor

Everybody is aware of Hollywoods insane expectations. Actors are expected to be sexy, fit, and beautiful. If an actor doesn’t meet these crazy expectations, they simply won’t be cast in this summers hit blockbuster. Actors don’t eat because they are expected not too, and consumers (TV viewers everywhere) buy into this.

Think About the last time you saw a movie. Was it because you were intrigued with the storyline or was it because your favorite gorgeous actor was shirtless half the movie(*cough cough Taylor Lautner cough cough*.)

Casting must follow this rubric though, as demands are made for unreasonably gorgeous people to be on TV, these actors must be found and supplied.

Even actors that play the stereotype of the funny fat kid are finding themselves trimming down. Even they realize that they must be trim to find themselves constantly working.

My advice to actors is this: it is literally…

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The Theatrical Journalist


I few of my friends have recently asked me for advice or assistance about writing. A topic that frequently comes up in the discussion is ‘finding your voice’ and how to do it. My response is usually pretty befuddled, as I’ve never done a writing course and I’m surprised when people want my opinion about these sorts of things. Writing is really just something I picked up because I wanted to create, and I realised acting and adhering to rules, scripts, and directors wasn’t the medium for me to do that. The truth is, you can’t just get up and perform a play whenever you want, you can’t have an idea burst at 3am and just act in your bedroom (well, I guess you can…). Writing gives you everything you need to release that creative energy. Writing gives your thoughts a medium of translation.
Often when I’m asked how I…

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Platypus Ponders

Happy 70th Birthday Robert De Niro!

“I always go back to how people behave. If you watch how people actually behave in a situation, it’s very simple and honest and contained. You don’t need to use as much expression, as much feeling. Some characters will boil over, and that’s another thing, but a lot of times I think you can just do very, very little.”

— Robert De Niro, American actor, better known for films such as Goodfellas, Taxi Driver, Raging Bull and Casino.

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95 Days Before it gets Real


Throughout rehearsals I have been learning about the relationships between dreamers and realists and how most relationships will consist of a dreamer and a realist. Like my character I am a realist, however I am finding that being just one doesn’t really work… This happened today when I was doing audition preparation. Recently I have been living in the world of being real, living day to day realistically and doing what has needed to be done. Of course I have had leisure and it hasn’t been that bad, but I think my body needed to dream. I realized this when I found myself face down in the middle of the room waking up after my body had forced me to sleep. It not only needed to fly off to dream land but make me think about dreams… Dreams that aren’t necessarily when you sleep but the dreams you want to…

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