Answers for Actors

I confess. I have a shame.

During my early career (the ancient acting days)… I fibbed. I lied about my education. I foolishly believed an actor needed to display on a resume evidence of a college education as an actor. Why? Professional validation to being an actor. I should have slapped myself. Often.

But. Time passes. Opportunities arise. Beliefs evolve. My past continual work as an actor nationally; as a director directing at TONY® award-winning theaters and working with legendary playwright John Guare; casting for Broadway and major studios; plus being published by Penguin-Random House proves wrong my youthful immature fears and assumption: an actor needs a college degree in the performing arts B.S.

Yes, a college education eases an artist’s wedging around towering and creaky doors of entertainment’s gatekeepers. Actor training programs broaden skill set, and create networking opportunities. But a bank busting BFA, MFA or any letter assembly…

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