Blood Sweat & DuctTape

The enemy of art is the absence of limitations.
– Orson Welles

There are plenty of how-to books that will give you a great insight into writing a screenplay, but the one referred to the most – even within other publications, is Syd Field’s ‘Screenplay’.

‘Screenplay’ is most widely known for Field’s Three-Act Paradigm. So Beginning, Middle and End become three Acts.


Act 1 (the first quarter of the film) is the set-up, in which the main character and their situation is revealed. This ends with a plot point that spins the story around completely and finds our main character’s normality completely turned on its head. Act 2 (quarters 2 and 3) is the journey our character then has to make in order to return to normality – with the third quarter beginning at the ‘point of no return’ in which our main character reaches an ‘all or nothing’ fork…

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