I’m still in my novel reading phase that began in April.  As mentioned in my lil’ Blurbs, Blips and Blunders I’m reading Milan Kundera’s The Book of Laughter and Forgetting and I got to this passage below and stopped.

“The gaze of a man has often been described.  It seems to fasten coldly on the woman, as if it were measuring, weighing, evaluating, choosing her, as if, in other words, it were turning her into a thing.
Less well known is that a woman is not entirely defenseless against the gaze. If she is turned into a thing, then she watches the man with the gaze of a thing. It is as if a hammer suddenly had eyes and watched the carpenter grip it to drive in a nail. Seeing the hammer’s malicious gaze, the carpenter loses his self-confidence and hits his thumb.
The carpenter is the hammer’s…

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