Life As an LA Actor

Everybody is aware of Hollywoods insane expectations. Actors are expected to be sexy, fit, and beautiful. If an actor doesn’t meet these crazy expectations, they simply won’t be cast in this summers hit blockbuster. Actors don’t eat because they are expected not too, and consumers (TV viewers everywhere) buy into this.

Think About the last time you saw a movie. Was it because you were intrigued with the storyline or was it because your favorite gorgeous actor was shirtless half the movie(*cough cough Taylor Lautner cough cough*.)

Casting must follow this rubric though, as demands are made for unreasonably gorgeous people to be on TV, these actors must be found and supplied.

Even actors that play the stereotype of the funny fat kid are finding themselves trimming down. Even they realize that they must be trim to find themselves constantly working.

My advice to actors is this: it is literally…

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