Real Life Ryan

So I missed a day again, but this will not disappoint. First of all, I want to note that this is in a concert setting, which a lot of performers often use as an excuse to do incredible riffs and belting and everything but not give truly memorable acting performances. Cut to Tituss Burgess. He said “Nope! Smaller venue? I can adjust to that!”. I also want to point out something that one of my first directors told me about. She called it playing the opposite. Sometimes we don’t have to frown our asses off in order for the audience to know we’re sad. Case in point, this video.

Let’s break it down:
From the start to :28 he keeps it so conversational, creating a story.

1:32 That note is glorious because he let’s his voice due the emphasizing instead of his face.

1:36 That subtle riff is perfection. I…

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