At the age of 60, I finally learned how the name, “Mowgli” from The Jungle Book is pronounced. With a lifelong hearing loss, I continually come across words in my readings I know the meaning of, but have never heard.

As a young girl, when I read Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book, I’d decided the first syllable in “Mowgli” rhymed with “ow”, and that stuck with me all my life. Until that is, my son and I were cast as deer in the Bellevue Youth Theater’s summer production of The Jungle Book. I now know the first syllable is pronounced as “mow” as in “mow the lawn”, and that’s a lesson I’ll always remember.

That’s not the only lesson I learned. I learned once again that my son continues to have the capacity to surprise me.

The Bellevue Youth Theater put on only one production this summer, The…

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