দুর্গাপূজা উৎসব উপলক্ষে নৃত্য-গীত অনুষ্ঠানে সমাগত বিদেশী আতিথি
উইলিয়াম প্রিন্সেপ অঙ্কিত জলরং চিত্র, c১৮৪০
Europeans being entertained by dancers and musicians in a splendid Indian house during Durga puja, painted in watercolour by William Prinsep (1794-1874), c1840. The subject matter and treatment is rather unlike Prinsep’s normal style, and it is possible that this is based on another artist’s composition, possibly W.F. Hutchisson’s. William Prinsep, a merchant with the Calcutta firm of Palmer & Company, came from a family who had served in India for several generations. Five of his brothers were also in the country.
source: British Library (bl.uk)

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