The Holi Festival originated in India and celebrates the beginning of spring as well as the Hindu belief of the victory of good over evil.
They celebrate this by throwing colourful powder, Gulal, at each other. Forgetting the divisions between religion, class, background, age etc.
Cultural diversity, joy, mutual respect and tolerance make the Holi Festival unforgettable.


It has since spread across the world and has deterred from it’s original meaning.
Ie. it is celebrated at different times of the year not necessarily after winter.
But the ideas of equality and community are still at the centre of the festival.

I attended a Holi Festival on Saturday and loved it.
There was a stage with DJs performing and 8,000 people who attended.


Below are images I or my friends took during the day.

IMG_6615 (1)

You start off all white and clean (and wet in our case due to the rain).
And then…

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