Domestic Adventurer

CIMG3313On Sunday we headed out, with empty stomachs and adventurous taste buds, to the Chehalis Garlic Festival.  I really enjoy these sorts of festivals.. I love buying directly from the grower/producer. It’s great to be able to walk up to one of the garlic growers tables,  to see all the different varieties, ask questions that they were all more than willing to answer and even slice a clove so you could see and taste the difference for yourself.  The little beauty in the picture is Silver Rose garlic and is the variety the grower uses to make garlic infused olive oil that was probably one of  the best garlic olive oils I’ve ever had.

We went prepared, not just to buy garlic but to eat enormous quantities of garlic and let me tell you we were completely successful! Would you like some fries with your garlic?


Even with three of us we couldn’t polish…

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