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Deconstruction Crafts

Sonoma County is pretty darn cool. My last two weekends have been filled with two of my favorite festivals, both in Sonoma County: The Accordion Festival and the Wunderkammer Festival.

Every year my friends Josh and Erik and I (and oftentimes our +1s) make our way to Cotati, CA… a tiny town that explodes every August for their famous festival.

I’ve been meeting them in Cotati for six years now for the festival (see last year’s post), and Josh and Erik are two years ahead of me.  We all talk proudly of our six and eight years at the festival, like it was a true challenge to bring ourselves there every year. But the truth is… accordions rock! I don’t know where else there is such a committedly strange and ecclectic collection of fans than the accordion clan. May you be in your crinoline and dancing shoes…

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Domestic Adventurer

CIMG3313On Sunday we headed out, with empty stomachs and adventurous taste buds, to the Chehalis Garlic Festival.  I really enjoy these sorts of festivals.. I love buying directly from the grower/producer. It’s great to be able to walk up to one of the garlic growers tables,  to see all the different varieties, ask questions that they were all more than willing to answer and even slice a clove so you could see and taste the difference for yourself.  The little beauty in the picture is Silver Rose garlic and is the variety the grower uses to make garlic infused olive oil that was probably one of  the best garlic olive oils I’ve ever had.

We went prepared, not just to buy garlic but to eat enormous quantities of garlic and let me tell you we were completely successful! Would you like some fries with your garlic?


Even with three of us we couldn’t polish…

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So this last weekend I went camping in at Long Beach, Washington for the week-long International Kite Festival. I have actually been to this festival before, but this was my first time since I was a kid. I most certainly appreciate this great visual feast far more than I used to, though it probably also helps that I am now armed with a camera and the crushing guilt of not updating my blog.

I’m not one for writing a long post, as I prefer to let my pictures do most of the talking for me. However, there were some individual events during the weekend I was there that particularly blew me away such as the Masters Individual Ballet or the Masters Precision flying. It wasn’t only extremely skilled performances, as there were fun events such as the Teddy Bear Drop, where children under 9 got picked at random to go…

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Living La Vida London

Final restaurant – we were too full to continue! We headed here, right up next to Streatham Hill, for our final taster meal.

They were small and very busy, so we had to take it to go, although they did allow us to sit down for ten minutes whilst we waited for them to prepare it. It seemed to be family run, quite quaint – unusual for a London Italian restaurant; most of them are run by chains at this point. 

Small tables, a little cramped but if one has good company you don’t notice the rest! We were only there briefly, but the food that we ate once we got back was delicious…

The course was: Trio of Neapolitan Bruschetta. Fancy, right?


Excuse the brightly coloured plate. But it was tasty, tangy…and well, I dunno what else to say about Bruschetta!

Any way this brings the Streatham Food Festival…

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Thirty Birds



Phew! Yet another busy weekend just passed – culminating in today we headed to London for the Notting Hill Carnival. Here are a few snaps I took today…




So many amazing colours, and such a  happy vibe 🙂



I have also been planning the next few projects and pieces…

Brighton seafront again is thronging with people who, like us, are feeling the summer draw to a close.

I do like the autumn evenings for staying in and working on things 🙂 I’m usually so much more productive in the colder months!


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Mitzie Knows Best

So this past weekend I did two things that had been on my Washington State Bucket List since I first learned of them.  Once I knew the dates of the Chehalis Garlic Festival I knew that was the weekend to hit up the Chehalis Garlic Festival as well as Wolf Haven International.  There was a point where I almost thought it wasn’t going to happen but I made sure it did.

For those not in the know Wolf Haven International is a wildlife rehabilitation and management 501 non-profit organization headquartered in Tenino, Washington, that focuses on wolves.  The four key things they work on/towards are:

  • Providing sanctuary for captive born wolves
  • Educating the public on the value of all wildlife
  • Promoting wolf restoration
  • Protecting our remaining wild wolves and their habitat

If you live in Washington I highly recommend taking a day trip down to Tenino to check out…

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