Party in the NSA

I’m exhausted after the first football weekend. Let’s start with a political cartoon, shall we? Here.

Bradley Manning was given 35 years in prison after leaking some documents on WikiLeaks. Edward Snowden ousted himself after stealing NSA secrets. Yet a random NSA employee is labeled as “Employee of the Month.” First off, I love the irony in this. One man exiled himself for taking information, and yet, there’s a joke about an NSA employee being praised for finding that information.

Now the NSA has been under scrutiny for virtually leaving Americans no privacy, at least when it comes to what we put out online. Yet, don’t we knowingly decide to post about our lives for everyone to see anyway? Generation Y, or the millennial generation has grown up on computers. And thanks to Mr. Zuckerburg, it has never been easier to show the world everything, one post at a…

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